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Dressing up Island Style

lei rowan

Posted on October 12 2020

Dressing up Island Style

Beach days have got to be one of the most fun-filled days of the year. Unlike the majority of city residents, island folks are proud to be where they are and are deeply rooted in their native heritage; something that seems to be a fading virtue in today’s world. Their energy is unparalleled and you will find them to be one the warmest people you’ll ever meet.

Did you know that the state of Hawaii welcomes close to 10 million tourists every year?! This puts Hawaii very high up in the list of world’s favorite tourist destinations and as such you’re bound to see a ton of fashion trends when you visit.

We’ve compiled a list of outfits you MUST remember to pack to look the part for your next outing.

1. Kimono – The traditional Japanese garb has come a long way from being an orthodox piece of clothing. These days it is common to wear them to summer festivals and beach parties making it an essential for all intents and purposes. Lately kimonos have been given a modern sensual twist, being redesigned and incorporated with all kinds of swimwear.

2. Swimsuits – It would be a sin to not take a dip in the ocean when you’re at the beach and we’re here to remind you to pack your swimsuits. Not a fan of the boring old 2-piece? No problem. You can settle on whatever suits your style best. Inspired by the 70’s beach look? Pick a one-piece swimsuit which was often seen flaunted by style icons like Marilyn Monroe and Sharmila Tagore. Headed for a brunch pool party? Throw on a Skirtini - a tasteful fit that covers hips and thighs letting you flaunt tastefully. With swimsuits you can get creative any day of the week.

Jams World Aloha shirts

3. Aloha Shirt – Don’t be afraid to don the wildest prints on your Aloha shirt. It goes without saying that Aloha shirts are a must-have for both men and women and can be quite the eye-catcher when you’re playing to the right crowd.

Jams World Boardshorts

4. Boardshorts – For those that don’t know, boardshorts are different from regular shorts in terms of fit and drying speed. They’re more loose-fitting, dry super-fast and are made to withstand the rough conditions of the beach. As opposed to regular shorts, boardshorts are made from nylon and or polyester which aid in the drying and makes for a tougher fabric.

Jams World Harper Dress

5. Harper Style Dress – Not sure which dress to pick for the beach? Harper dresses are the new in. They come in a boat neckline, with 3/4 Bell sleeves, are breezy and fresh and only reach your knees so you don’t have worry about it getting soiled in the sand. Harper dresses are perfect for a relaxing day at the beach when you don’t plan to swim and just enjoy the delights of #beachlife.


6. Miscellanea – Apart from the above mentioned articles there are few things you must remember to pack. They are - a pair of flip flops, oversized sunglasses, a beach hat (of course), a beach tote to carry your sunscreens, shades, phone and bottle water, a couple of towels – both handtowels and body towels & last but not least make sure to carry an extra face mask in case you lose the first one.

We hope you liked our list of Island Style fashion requisites, but no matter where you decide to travel to or visit, always remember - safety first. Make certain to abide by safety standards while having a ball!

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