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Jams World Face Masks & Extenders

Andy White space

Posted on August 21 2020

Jams World Face Masks & Extenders -


These last few months the Jams World factory has been manufacturing reusable face masks. Recently we have added a new ear loop style face mask and face mask extenders.

The original Jams World face mask included a double elastic face mask which goes over the head to provide a more secure fit and is available in various Jams World designs.  The recently added a Jams World Ear Loop style face mask  is available in just 4 designs Patina, Sea Leaf, Wailua and Manoa. Each Jams World face mask includes two PM2.5 N95 filters made of 5-layer activated carbon, non-woven + melt-blown cotton + activated carbon.  


Jams world has also released their new face mask extenders. Compatible with ear loop face masks, these prevent cutting into the back of your ears.  These ear savers are helpful to those that need to use disposable ear loop masks for prolonged hours.  The extenders have a button on each end to hold the ear loop elastic and pull it off your ears. Jams World face mask extenders are washable and sold in sets of 2.  Each set includes one 5 inch extender and one 7 inch extender. The buttons used are hand painted and colorful in line with the crushed rayon fabric used to make each extender.

Jams World Face Masks and Face Mask Extenders are available at its Ala Moana Center store located on level 2 just two door down from Disney, next to Oakley and across Kiehl's. These items and more are also available online at

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